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Burning Water
By Travis Fielding-Copyright 2010

I am writing this online so bookmark the page and come back to see what I write next. Also, feel free to ask questions.
I am an eBay Marketer in the field of burning water. HHO!

...Yes, you can burn water! But you have to be a little mean to it first. By electrocuting water, you can make it split back into 2 parts Hydrogen, and 1 part Oxygen, a burnable gas called HHO, or Browns gas, after the man who discovered it. Browns gas has a nearly invisible flame which is very cool as far as flames go, but will blow a hole in about anything it touches in seconds, thus making it kind of useless for things like heating your home.
...It is great for welding though, and now with a device called an HHO generator, you can burn it in your car to get some extra milage.
Lots of folks are doing it!
I'm not going to teach you how to build HHO generators. I sell them on eBay.
... If you want to build one, I am glad to help, as I also sell parts.
...The first thing you need to know is, eBay is the place to get anything HHO! Also, you need to take a course at uTube U. Simply do a search for HHO at both places and you will get a great education. You can also ask me at the contact link above.

The hard part is finding things to build one out of. First, you have to have some kind of case. Everything you need, you have to build, or find existing and convert it. I used water filter cases. They seem to be the easiest to convert. Lots of folks use, believe it or not, fruit jars. They can get about 7 miles a gallon boost with a fruit jar generator. I just don't like the idea of having glass under the hood.
Everything has to be made of stainless, or inert plactic.
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...About electrodes

They are hard to make. Should be made of 316 stainless, but carbon will work. Stainless is very hard to drill, or weld. You have to have a positive plate, and then a negitive plate. The electrolyte causes a connection between the two and shocks the electrolyte, witch is water with soda in it. There are other kinds of electrolyte. Acid, vinigar, pot ash, or KOH. Electrolyte will eat up most metals.

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